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  • Please list in order of denomination and date.
  • CCCS is not responsible for missing or damaged coins during transport to and from CCCS office.
  • Misattributed coins will be returned without being graded.
  • Original holder will not be returned.
  • Coins will be returned only to the address on form.
  • Applicable taxes will be charged to Canadian address.
  • Payment by check or money order must accompany submission form.
  • Coins warranting negative comments such as “Cleaned, Scratch, Edge or Rim Nick, Polished and Damaged, etc. will not be put in Hard Holders but will instead be graded and encapsulated in our Soft Holder for the same price. The majority of companies using Hard Holders return these coins uncertified in a “Body Bag” and keep the price paid. As an alternative, CCCS will still certify these coins but use the Soft Holder format. Please ensure that coins sent for Hard Holder certification are problem free as no amount will be returned.
Controlled Reception
Opening of all packages received at CCCS will be witnessed by at least two persons. Content will be checked against submission form and mis-listed items will be returned ungraded. No refund on returned items as they must be examined.

CCCS, Canadian Coin Certification Service,
Box 1051, Saint-Basile-Le-Grand QC, J3N 1M5, Canada, 450-723-1204